Monday, October 12, 2009

What the F***

I wonder if everyone else sees the below jargain

Project Proposal

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My goal for this project is to have a full origin issue comic book. This will be as long as it needs to be, and I anticipate more than about 10 pages.

The story is very shaky, and is not fully planned out, but so far, it’s kind of a really goofy concept. There will be a back-story about an ancient beast that saved an ancient population of people when summoned to war against the Dieceratops. The War Rhyno. It then goes to slumber after the war is won, until the War Jam of the people summons it again. The War Jam is a song. Not a spread able fruity substance.

The deliverable will hopefully be put online, or have at least one hard copy, most likely both will be black and white.

I hope for the visuals to turn out like Peter Laird’s art, which is probably most well known as the early Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic book art. However being the terrible artist I am, we’ll see how that goes.

I’m not quite sure I have treatment visuals. Get back to you on that.

For technical issues, I’m going to have to play with various fonts for onamonapia. I also need to figure out a clean story line, because right now it’s a summary. I’m also going to work with various types of panels (diagonal, multiple spaced over one large one).

For a deadline, I’d like at least three pages by the 29th of October. It may seem like a long time, but again, I’m a horrible cartoonist. By Thanksgiving, I definitely want half done, and of course a full issue by the end of the term. Other deadlines will be posted as I move on.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Panel analysis

Here's a panel taken from a Batman/Superman crossover comic. First off, I like how the backspace seems to be one large panel with smaller panels overlapping ones. There is no dialogue, but what's going on is quite apparent [Superman's being an emotional tool, and Batman's blowing him off...ok that's not what's going on, but usually is what happens.] I also like the middle panel, where the emblems are hi-lit in the silhouettes. I think it all works together to make a very interesting and effective page of visual storytelling [remember the lack of dialogue shpeel?].

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three of 3

A new artist I found during the class period was on by the name of Skinner. It's very detailed art, with a really cool morbid twist. But not like real morbid. The art I think has a kind of child like vibe. I watched his animated short on YouTube called "hell dreams". I recommend watching it to get a vibe of what I'm saying. It's pretty metal.
Here's a link:

2 of Three

One artist that I really admire is Alex Grey. His paintings are just. Nuts. The combination of the small, acute details, mixed with the wide variety of colors he uses in most of his paintings are just really appealing to look at I think. I'd kind of like to combine a type of psychedelic art with like a darker style of art like...I dunno H.R. Giger.

But I'm no where near the artist either of them are, so...that's gonna be interesting.
It seems I'm having trouble getting Giger pictures in here. Sorry.

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The place I went to for the first time was my buddy Drew's house. He had just moved in, so I went to check it out. It was a nice spot. There was a variety of plant's along the pathway up to the porch. This lead into the living room, which had a nice hardwood floor, and stark white walls waiting for decoration. Decoration... It makes me think of something totally different than what it is. I guess they were just waiting to get posters put up on them. Or a dartboard. Art from friends. You know. Decoration.
I suppose I really didn't need to get that far in depth with it.
ANYWAYS, the living room had a really nice bedroom attached to the left, and to the right, it lead into a very nice kitchen. I thought it was nice. I also have low standards. But it was nice. Real nice. Behind that was the laundry room with a bomb washer and dryer. I seriously underestimated washers and dryers, until I didn't have one at my convenience. The other bedroom was down a hallway when you first walked through the front door, across from a bathroom.
After reading this all over, I feel like I'm casing the joint for robbery. I think I'll take out what was in the rooms, just in case.
I suppose the address would give it away. Lets just say it's around a park.
Thanks for reading

Monday, September 28, 2009

First Post

So this is going to be used to track progress on an ongoing comic book project. I've got a few ideas rolling around (zombies, mystic travel, you know, the usual topics of conversation) so if any of that sounds worth your time, feel free to keep checkin in! Hopefully the end product will be so rocky-sauce you'll want to dip that shit in ranch! Feedbacks always welcome.